Vector Artwork Recreation

Promotional Products are often imprinted using artwork that has been converted into a ‘vector’ format. Vector art is the process of converting a solid image into outlines, which allows specific sections/pieces of an artwork can be manipulated without distorting the logo.

Most customized promotional products will require vector art to be used during decoration. If you are already designing your logo/artwork in a program like Adobe Illustrator or other design program, please be sure to convert any text to outlines to avoid our systems replacing that font with a different font when received. This will allow us to keep your font exactly the way you submit it. You also want to be sure any image that are not converted to vector are embedded into the file so that they still appear in the file when we open it up.

When you send your logo to us, most file types will not be in vector. We offer a FREE service where we will recreate or convert your logo into the vector artwork required to decorate your custom promotional products. File types that will need to be converted are Microsoft Word, Jpg, bmp, psd, and png files, just to name just a few.

Why are vector files needed?

In short, because you don’t want your artwork to look bad! Each product has a specific imprint area, and unlike some clothes, one size does not fit all! Often, tweaks are needed to make your logo work to its maximum potential for an item, and with non-vector files, we don’t have the ability to move or tweak pieces of your logo while leaving other pieces just as they were submitted. Also – if you submit a non-vector file, and we need to make it larger, it can often become pixilated when resized, meaning that the edges and details of your art will become blurry and not very clear; NOT an ideal way to promote your business!

How long does it take to get my non-vector artwork recreated?

Typically, if your artwork is received before 6 pm EST M-F, you can expect to see a mockup or proof of your converted artwork before the end of business the following business day. More complicated requests may require an additional day to finalize the logo recreation and/or proofs before they are sent to you for review.

What if I want you to convert my logo to vector, but I am not placing an order for promotional products?

While we may be disappointed that you aren't immediately purchasing several different promotional items to show off your new converted artwork, we understand! That’s why we offer a paid recreation service to convert your logo into vector. This is priced as a design service, and typically starts at $50 for a simple 1-color recreation, but could cost more based off the complexity of your artwork.