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Picking Closeout Promotional Items

Choosing the right closeout item for printing your company logo can be difficult at time. You want to make sure that you are still buying promotional products that fit your advertising needs and that are not just “cheap”. For example Personal Water Misters that spray cool water on you to cool you down would not be a good advertising product choice to giveaway at a New York City event in December. You want to still be selective with choosing your promo items and make sure they are relevant for advertising your business or company.

We now offer new ways to search and find the advertising closeout product of your needs. Search for closeouts by category, and then you can narrow your category search down even further to find a promotional products that is closer to your needs. For example if you know you want drinkware, chick Drinkware Closeouts, then you can narrow down your search further to Customized Water Bottles, as an example. Now at The Executive Advertising you can browse for promotional product closeouts by price and by the minimum order quantity! This is new for us and we hope it helps your find the best possible closeout products to choose from! Need help, just call our customer service team!

Save Money on Promotional Products with Closeout Specials

How can you and your business save money on promotional products? Shop for Promotional Product Closeouts! But first, what are closeouts? Customized Product Closeouts or Promotional Product Closeouts are products that have been discontinued by the promotional product manufacturer.

Why would these products be discontinued? Are they bad? Not necessarily, customized promo products are in a very competitive market where the advertising styles and needs are constantly changing. Most products are put on sale and discontinued because they aren’t selling enough of them. The product normally is structurally fine, but just wasn’t as popular as expected and the promotional product manufacturers may have excess inventory, creating our Promotional Products Closeout section. In some cases, closeouts are replaced with goods or materials are made of a different quality of material. For example we had a promotional stainless steel water bottle that we put on closeout because we replaced it with the exact same style, color and shape bottle that was made out of aluminum. On that particular promotional water bottle the aluminum printed better, was lighter in weight and was overall cheaper and could be offered at a discounted price.

Pros and Cons of Closeout Promotional Products

Well the #1 Con to ordering closeout promotional products or discontinued promotional products is that if you want to reorder that product later – it most likely will be gone! When a promotional item is added to our promotional products closeout list, they tend to sell pretty fast. Especially products that are very common to advertise with like logo pens, custom stress balls, or engraved key chains. Since everyone is buying them, they are the first logo products to sell. Specialty promotional products, that is theme or industry related advertising products will take a longer time to sell because they are geared to advertising for a specific industry or marketing them. A good example is an airplane shaped stressball versus a normal round stressball. The round stressball will sell faster because more companies and people and use it for advertising than an airplane theme. Another con is inventory and item colors. When everyone is buying up closeout promo products, someone may buyout a certain color, so your color choices may be limited. Remember that our promotional product closeouts go fast, so call and check stock before placing your order.

The #1 Pro is that Customized Closeout Items are extremely cheap compared to normal pricing. With The Executive Advertising’s Closeouts you can save up to 70% off the original price, and still with no setup fees charged on any of our promotional products. You can purchase a $5 customized coffee mug for under $2. Or a $.99 metal pen for $.30 each. The savings are amazing! You can save thousands on marketing with closeout promotional products! So check back right here and see if anything new gets posted. Updated daily!