What is a PMS Color Match?
Pantone Matching System: If a PMS Color Match is available, our factories will mix together any PMS color offered from Pantone Inc. PMS Color Matching usually carries a flat "mixing" charge ranging from $25 to $50. PMS Color matches are usually matched up to 90% of the color in the Pantone Color Book.
Who is Pantone, Inc.? Pantone, Inc. began as a commercial printing company in the 1950s. The owner used his chemistry knowledge to systematize the pigmentation of different shades of colors. Now Pantone provides the color combinations to achieve exact (or close to exact) printing/painting colors for designers. Source: Wikipedia.org
What colors are available? PMS Colors are usually 3-4 digit numbers "PMS #187" or even words like "Cool Grey 7". We recommend ordering a physical Pantone Color Book to make sure that you are 100% happy with the color. A digital Pantone Color Chart is available here: Pantone Color Chart. (but read the next question!)
Can I pick my PMS colors from a digital chart on my computer screen? NO! Well we don't recommend it! We can show you a digital chart, but we highly recommend ordering a Pantone Color Book directly from Pantone Inc. Computer monitors will have a wide variation in color tone.