Customized Hand Sanitizers Update

Updated 3/10/2020 11:30AM CST

We are no longer accepting new orders for Hand Sanitizers for immediately processing - we are only accepting orders that can be placed on backorder. If you place an order today or later, your order will go on backorder and wait for inventory to come in, current inventory levels are arriving May and June of 2020. Right now all of our factories are processing orders as fast as possible, but by the time an order gets proofed and entered for production, the inventory could be sold out.

Service to our customers is VERY important to The Executive Advertising, and if you placed an order in house we will be reaching out to you to switch your order if your item is unavailable. Inventory for hand sanitizers are fist come first serve, so if you have an order in with us and we have sent the order to the factory for production, we recommend leaving that order as our factories are still processing them. Since orders are first come first serve, keeping your order in line will help keep the priority of your order instead of going to the back of the line with that factory.

Please understand that our customer service team and factories are completely overwhelmed with orders for hand sanitizers and we are doing our best to make sure that you have replace options if you have placed an order.

IF YOU ARE OK WITH WAITING FOR INVENTORY you can place your order, and we can notify your of when that inventory will be in, May and June are the current estimated dates. If inventory is available sooner we will reach out to you with options.

If you checkout/purchase and see and item that states "In Stock" that item is likely not to be available but the time we can process your order, and may result to a backorder status.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please trust that we are all working hard to make sure every ordered placed is fulfilled.


The Executive Advertising