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Full Color Promo, Is it worth it?

In short, YES! The power of promotional product branding is truly amazing, especially when you can market in full color! Advertising your company logo in full color digital printing can really allow you to get a full impact on your promotional item. We will say that full color digital printing does not make sense on a lot of our promotional items, but it really depends on your budget and target audience. When shopping for full color logoed products, you really need to weight the cost of the full color upgrade verses the impact that you are looking for. At The Executive Advertising we have done our very best to offer full color digital promotional items cheaply and quickly, and still with no setup fees.

What are the problems with Full Color Digital Printing? is not for every promo product and not for every logo. Make sure that your full color artwork still remains clean and legible. People have a tendency to want to fill up the full color digital imprint area with more information than needed. Keep your logos or artworks clean and you’ll get a great reaction from your customers!

Different Types of Full Color Digital Printing on Promotional Products

Full Color Digitally Printed Promotional Products includes anything that you can decorate with more than one color. As technology gets better and better, the cost of decorating your advertising products with full color digital printing is going down. We offer lots of decoration or printing method that can allow your company logo to be printed in full color such as Full Color Decals, Full Color Transfers, Full Color Direct Printing, Full Color Sublimation Printing, and even Embroidering your company logo.

Full Color Decals or Full Color Labels. Ordering promotional products with full color printed decals are probably the most inexpensive way to advertising a full color printed logo on a wide variety of products. A good example of this is our Custom Label Bottled Water, customized hand sanitizer, promotional lotions or anything in a tube. Our custom full color decaled promotional products usually print in CMYK and are usually high glossed for a long lasting impression.

Full Color Direct Printing. This is where the promotional products industry has made a lot of advancements! Order promotional products with Full Color Direct printing is a fantastic way to show your full logo on an item. The products can be fabric or hard surface like plastics and will print in full color digital CMYK printing. Good examples of this type of printing is our promotional hockey puck that is printed in full color digital. An example of a newly added full color direct logo product is our Round LED Squeeze Light Key Chain, for an additional charge you can have this item printed in full color digital printing.

Full Color Sublimation. Promotional Products with Full Color Sublimation usually refers to dying a fabric in the color of your artwork. This is especially true for our customized tablecloths, trade show table runners, and even our custom sublimated tents. These promotional items start white and are literally dyed to the color of your full color artwork or logo. It’s an amazing print quality to display your company logo.

Full Color Inserts. We only have a few products with full color inserts. A good example of a promotional product with a full color insert is our customized compressed t-shirts. Each compressed tee shirt includes a full color gloss paper insert to what whatever artwork you want. The actual custom t-shirt is also print, just not in full color digital. Another example of a full color customized product with an insert is our Tritan series cups, these items have a clear of white full color insert inside the wall of the plastic.

Embroidery Service. Don’t underestimate the power of an embroidered logo on your promotional product. Most of our custom embroidered products include up to 8 thread colors for no additional charge! Our embroidery service is available on selected promotional bags, customized totes, embroidered polos, and embroidered hats. It’s a great way to advertise a multi-colored artwork, but without the expense.

Full Color Transfers. Promotional products with full color transfers usually refer to fabrics like customized tote bags or ceramic drinkware. A full color transfer is decal material that is heat cured onto selected promotional products. This allows for a high quality full color digital artwork on most materials that can “take the heat”. Full color transfers are also called “heat transfers”. Either way they make a fantastic looking full color logo on your promotional products.