Embroidery Location(s)
The Standard Embroidery for caps and hats is in the center of the forehead area on the cap. Your price includes an embroidery in this location. Visor caps have the same standard embroidery location. Beanie Caps are embroidered on the side or center. Contact customer service for quoting more custom cap designs.
How do I pick my Embroidery Thread Colors?
We try to match the thread colors with the artwork that was submitted. You can specify any PMS Colors or Thread Colors in the special instructions of your order - or with your work. You will need to see and approve your artwork eproof before your order goes to production. You can change your thread colors up to that point.
What Size Should My Logo Be?
We recommend that your artwork is between 4"W x 1.75"-2"H. A great way to find your perfect embroidery size is to print out and cut out your artwork eproof, and hold it up to a sample cap to see if you are happy with that size. Our art department will adjust your artwork to the best fit size unless you tell us the exact dimensions in your order or when you submit your artwork.
What is an Embroidery Stitich Count?
A Stitch Count is the number of times the Embroidery Needle goes "up and down". The larger or more detailed your artwork, the larger the stitch count, and the more time/materials it takes to produce your order. Most headwear artworks for caps are under 5-7K stitches, but in the event that your artwork is more than 7K stitches, there are additional upcharges.
What is the Stitch Count of my Artwork?
Request an Embroidery Stitch Count Quote, it will take 1-business day to receive your estimated stitch count back. Make sure to "check" I need an Embroidery Quote. You will be prompted to upload your artwork. You can also email our Art Department: [email protected] Make sure to tell us your desired size!
How Do I Lower My Stitch Count if it's over 7K Stitches?
Two options: 1) Reduce the size of your embroidered artwork. 2) Remove some of the details in your artwork or remove some of the filled in areas. Contact our art department for help and suggestions. You do not have to request a stitch count before placing your order! We'll just contact you if it's over 7K stitches with your additional charges or artwork options.