Drop Shipping Program
What is the Drop Ship Program?
Place your order online and choose the "Yes, Drop Ship Individual Packages", and we will send out each item into an individual box to your employees, customers, and any group of individuals that you would like to thank or let them know that you are thinking of them.
Simple Flat Fee: Drop Ship Shipping Charge is added to each individual item, the fee includes individual mailer boxes, packaging each item into the mailers, and shipping going anywhere in the domestic United States.
Where do I send my shipping list?
Email a CSV file of your shipping addresses to orders@execad.com after you checkout, and make sure to include your Order Number. Make sure that each section is broken apart such as: firstname, lastname, companyname, address1, address2, city, state, zip. The column names do not have to match perfect, but each section needs to be separate.
Why do I still have a shipping charge when I checkout:
When you checkout online you will still have a Bulk Shipping Charge added to your shopping cart, After we verify your shipping addresses, our customer service staff will adjust and refund any bulk shipping cost before your order is sent to production.
I don't have enough shipping addresses to complete a minimum order, now what?
If you only a portion of the minimum order, place your order and submit your drop ship list, and we'll update your order and have the remaining total shipped to the shipping address on your order. So if you submitted 80 individual addresses and you ordered 100 units, we will ship 80 individual packages to your list recipients and a bulk shipment order to your order shipping address. We'll also update the shipping charge on your order and remove the extra drop ship charges.
Can I add a Business Card or Paper Insert?
Yes! However there is a kitting fee for that, please "Request a Quote" for this option. We can include your company name on the return address, please request this during your checkout special instructions.
Can I add other products to the Drop Shipping Upgrade?
Yes! You would want to look at our Custom Product Kitting options for that service. Request a quote for the products that you would like to kit together. See more about product kitting at: Build Your Own Work From Home Custom Kits.