Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 3/23/2020

Customer Service Staffing
We are currently accepting orders and have limited staff available to help answer questions. Response times maybe longer than usual at this time. We are doing our best to keep things moving and respond as quickly as we are able. If you are unable to get through via phone or chat, please feel free to email us at with any questions you may have and we will respond as soon as possible. As things return to normal we will start resuming more normal business hours.

Possible Order Delays
State “Stay at Home” declarations and mandates and other COVID-19 precautions are temporarily closing or factories or disrupting services for many products. If you have a FIRM In-Hands Delivery Date, please not that delivery dates are not guaranteed over the next few weeks because of this pandemic, anything can change daily.

When will I receive my Artwork Eproof
There are not too many delays with processing your artwork eproofs, usually one business day is still ok to receive these.

If your factory is closed, what happens to my order?
Once your artwork is approved your order is still sent to our each factory for processing so that your order is in line to be processed as soon as the factory reopens. This also helps you receive the first come first serve inventory that is available. Our staff will also notify you of delays.

UPS Shipping Charges for Undeliverable Addresses (Businesses that are Closed)
If you are checking out online, we recommend have products shipped to your home or somewhere that you know is open to avoid UPS charging a $20 re-delivery charge to businesses that are not open. If you need to be charged this fee, our staff will reach out to you. Fedex is not doing this as of this update.

Hand Sanitizer Shortage Update
Our factories still have hand sanitizers on order and you can still continue to order hand sanitizer but your orders are likely to go on backorder. View the latest update on our Hand Sanitizers here: Customized Hand Sanitizer Update

Can Someone Get Coronavirus (COVID-19) From Mail or a Package?
There's no evidence that someone can be infected through mail or a package. The risk is very low because mail and packages usually are shipped over a period of days and it's not likely that the virus would survive on them. But it's a good idea to (1) Wash your hands after handling mail and (2) Open and discard/recycle packages outside, then wash your hands right away when you go back into your home or office.

We all are hoping that this pandemic finishes as quickly as possible, in the meantime please stay safe and practice social distancing as much as possible. We wish you all the best in these uncertain times.


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