Artwork Mockups

What is an Artwork Mockup?

An artwork mockup is a jpg file opened by a photo viewing program like Windows Gallery or Photos which gives you a virtual example of what your artwork is going to look like on the item you plan to purchase.

Artwork Mockups are almost identical to artwork e-proofs, and are emailed to the email address used when your mockup request was submitted online. While it is not necessary to approve an artwork mockup before the order is placed, we do require all customers to approve some type of artwork e-proof/mockup for every item ordered, regardless of how complicated or simple the artwork, even rush orders! These proofs are our guarantee of what the imprint will look like when you receive your order.

To avoid receiving both an artwork mockup AND an artwork e-proof, we recommend replying back to your artwork mockup with your approval AND your order number for the order that art needs to be paired with. If that approval is not received, you will be required to approve a new proof once the order is received.

Is an artwork Mockup Required on all Decorated/Customized Orders?

NO. We do require that some type of proof be approved before the order goes to print, but you can choose to do that either before or after the order is placed. A mockup is ONLY necessary/helpful if you need to see how the logo you want printed will look on the item you want it printed on.

If you do not receive your mockup within 2 business days after your request is submitted, please contact us to have your mockup resent. Delays in approving your artwork will result in delayed production for your order.

How do I view my pre-production artwork e-Proof?

You will need Adobe Reader to view the artwork PDFs sent over for proof review. The PDF will appear as an attachment to the email you receive from Proofs are emailed the following business day after the order is placed and art is received. If your art is received after normal business hours, that lead time may extend into the following business day.

Can’t find your e-proof? Be sure to check Bulk or Spam folders! All e-proof emails should reference your order number in the subject line, as well as our company name for easy identification.

My Artwork Looks Small, Can you Make It Larger?

With all our products, we work with imprint areas given to us by the factories that print each item. When sizing your artwork within that imprint space, we always center and maximize to make your logo as large as possible, with minimal adjustments/changes to the original layout requested. For smaller items like Key chains, Pens, knives, etc., the more information we try to squeeze into that imprint space, the smaller each letter of that imprint becomes, and sometimes, it becomes too small to be legible when printed. However, occasionally, modifying the layout of your artwork can help an artist make your artwork seem larger within the same amount of space.

My artwork Looks Blurry/Distorted in the Proof. Will it print that way?

Individual PDF settings may distort the way your artwork appears on screen, but may not be the way the actual artwork is setup. We recommend zooming in (to 500+%) or simply printing out a hard copy of the proof. IF the art still appears distorted or blurry, contact us. What you see on the proof is what will print, so please do not approve if you question anything about your artwork! Examples of distortion may be a lower case ‘i’ that looks like an l, or a bolded lower case “L” where it shouldn’t be bolded.

My Proof Contains Red Text. Is that Important?

YES! Text/Notes listed in red on your proof are important notes from the artist regarding your artwork. This is often where they will tell you what changes were made to your artwork, or what concerns they have with the logo as shown on that proof. It is VITAL that you review/acknowledge those notes when approving/disapproving your proof to avoid delays with your order.

Acknowledging those notes also tells us that you understand and agree/disagree to continue with the art as shown in lieu of the concerns listed. Ignoring or neglecting to respond to the notes listed in red may void your right to start a claim on your order if the concerns noted become realization.

How Do I Approve My Artwork Mockup?

It’s easy! You have one of the two options:

  • (APPROVING ARTWORK) **IMPORTANT** - Place your order with our company either via our website or by calling our customer service team (proof approval of a proof does not constitute order placement). Once you get your order number, reply back to your mockup email, and state I APPROVE - if you are "happy with the way your proof looks.
  • If you have been given several versions/options to approve, please be sure to indicate clearly what proof you are approving by typing out the version # that is approved. Version #s are listed in the top right of your proof (near the order number) and are usually red or black in color.

  • I DO NOT APPROVE - if you need to make changes or have a question about the art. Most changes can be made and revised proofs sent the same day, but sometimes extra time is needed, and revisions may be emailed the following business day.