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Price: $1.64 /ea
Min: 250 No Setup 43 %OFF
Item #331357 HT-7203
Price: $1.24 /ea
Min: 250 No Setup 43 %OFF
Item #317920 HT-7205
Price: $0.88 /ea
Min: 250 No Setup 44 %OFF
Item #317919 HT-7201
Price: $1.75 /ea
Min: 150 No Setup 13 %OFF
Item #345843 EVN-1265
Price: $3.00 /ea
Min: 100 No Setup 21 %OFF
Item #313566 ATF-TG8001
Price: $3.30 /ea
Min: 100 No Setup 21 %OFF
Item #313567 ATF-TG8002
Price: $1.66 /ea
Min: 75 No Setup 25 %OFF
Item #319064 JET-T500
Price: $0.98 /ea
Min: 325 No Setup 29 %OFF
Item #343134 BUL-SM-9953
Price: $5.98 /ea
Min: 50 No Setup 21 %OFF
Item #336171 ARL-WTT-FS12
Price: $1.42 /ea
Min: 150 No Setup 21 %OFF
Item #336175 ARL-WTT-QV12
Price: $16.50 /ea
Min: 18 No Setup 13 %OFF
Item #341426 LDS-3350-70
Price: $1.56 /ea
Min: 150 No Setup 31 %OFF
Item #336283 NOR-21111
Price: $1.11 /ea
Min: 250 No Setup 31 %OFF
Item #336282 NOR-21110
Customized Tire Gauges - Your Way to Get a Better Exposure among Your Customers
All automobile owners maintain their cars in a way that it lasts for a long period of time. Your company can use custom tire gauges that can help automobile owners do that. Promotional automotive products, like branded tire gauges, go a long way in developing the reputation of your company and bringing up its name in the market. This is how your company name and logo will come into the limelight and get recognized. Promotional tire gauges are one of the most effective automotive products that can monitor the pressure inside the tires to identify whether it is properly inflated or not.
People care for the lives of their family members and loved ones. It is essential to take all kinds of precautions while traveling by car. Nowadays, digital tire gauges are used to measure the amount of air held in a tire by an automatic and fixed mechanism. The information is clearly displayed on the small digital screens and the whole process gets fast, easy and effective. Your company imprint on automotive products is enough to make a long lasting impression on people. Many companies have prospered and achieved success because of the usage of promotional tire gauges.
Promotional tire gauges with no setup fees are durable, well-designed and affordable advertising tools. As compared to other automotive tools and products, logoed tire gauges are light and thin. Promo tire gauges are easy to stock, distribute and deliver and you end up avoiding a lot of additional costs. Go through our online catalogs to find out about the kinds of customized tire gauges available in our online store. We have the most modern and functional promotional products, so you will get the latest models and trendy designs and colors. Our logo tire gauges are meant to be flexible and versatile tools of promotion. The different price ranges allow you to make the purchase based on your current investment capacity.
Our customized tire pressure gauge with grip comes in a pen-like build with an attached clip that helps it get secured onto pockets or visor clips. Promotional tire gauges with your company imprint are provided as key chains as well. Promotional tire gauges are a much more compact model and people can carry it along at all times. All of our automotive products are made up of metal and come in various attractive metallic shades. We provide logo tire gauges in aluminum, shiny chrome, and carbon fiber. We also offer various digital tire gauges that come with an additional backlight mechanism. This helps reading the information displayed on the screens of the products.
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