Promotional Pens & Writing Instruments

Promotional Pens and Customized Writing Instruments

One of the most popular and most affordable advertising handouts is promotional pens! The average customized pen can have from 6-8 owners and will stay with them for 1-3 years each! That means your customized advertising pens will be branding your company logo for over 10 years! Not too bad for promotional pens under $1. Where to buy promotional pens you ask? Right here at The Executive Advertising, all of our customized pens, pencils and other writing instruments are decorated with now setup fees. Perfect for restaurant marketing, real estate agents, insurance companies, financial firms, car dealerships and tons of the small businesses use promotional pens as their "must have" promotional product. If you really want to get your logo out there, give your promotional pen to a restaurant waiter, you logo advertising pen will be seen by hundreds of people every week! Remember not to limit yourself just to customized pens, you can also market with customized hightlighters, Sharpie markers, and imprinted pencils. The more creative your customized pen or writing instrument is, the more likely someone will keep it, and use it! The more that your promotional pen is seen by is owner, the more consciously and subconsciously the pen's owner will think about your company and your company's services.

Choosing a Creative Promotional Pen

With promotional pen advertising you really have a lot of options to be creative. You can pick a unique, or more expensive logo pen or you can make your imprint or artwork unique! A good example of this is printing "I stole this pen from XYZ Company", it a cute and unique way to promote your business since advertising pens tend to get in the hands of many different types of people. Otherwise go with customized pens with toys and gadgets, like Promotional LED Light Pens, Customized Multi-Colored Ink Pens, or one of our newest favorites, Promotional Stylus Pens or Capacitive Stylus Pens that can be used with your iPad, iPod, smartphone or tablet. Other creative advertising pens are customized key chain pens, perfect for hooking on a bag, hanging on the wall or other useful area for use, especially when you don't want to carry a pen around. If you really want to get creative with your marketing, try customized novelty pens, you'll find everything from body part pens, to talking pens, tool pens, and tons of other cool advertising ideas.

Picking the Best Promotional Pen Brand Names

The very best promotional pen brand names are carried right here! Our most sold promotional pen brand is... Customized Bic Pens! Bic produces a wide variety of products ranging from customized notepads, mouse pads, magnets and of course some of the most sold promotional pens in the world! The Bic Clic Stic Pen has been advertising for more than 25 years and is by far our most sold advertising pen. Another popular choice is our customized Uniball pens, the Promotional Uniball 207 Gel Pen has been a favorite for thousands of our customers! Not just in the advertising industry, but just in normal business use. Uniball makes most of their pens with pigmented ink that binds itself to the paper document to prevent check fraud by "check washing". And you can't mention logo pens without mentioning Customized Paper Mate Pens. Marketing with a Paper Mate Pen is a safe bet when choosing which pen you advertise with, that is everyone loves to write with Paper Mate. One of the newest customized pens from Paper Mate is the Customized Paper Mate Inkjoy Pen, for under $.50 this pen writes like a Gel Ink Pen. We also have more pen brands that are really designed for the promotional product industry, like our Scripto Pens, Customized Bettoni Pens, Executive Balmain Pens, and our newly added Customized Cross Pens. Need more, check out all of our promotional products band names.

And The Executive Advertising, we can't forget about Customized Executive Pens. Executive Pens are used for high-end advertising, but also employee appreciation gifts. Some of our Executive Pens have the ability to have your employee's name laser engraved in the pen, some of those brands are Customized Parker Pens, Waterman Pens, and Customized Quill Pens. Submit a list of your employees and we can engrave all of their names onto each executive pen. Speaking of Customized Quill Pens, all Quill Pens have the ability for multiple locations to have your logo printed, or in this case you can have your logo printed in full color on the top of the pen, while your employees name is engraved on the body of the pen. Great employee appreciation while still branding your company logo. And Customized Waterman Pens, wow, did you know that most of the government bills and documents are signed into law by a Waterman Pen? Fantastic High-end executive pens imported from Paris, France. Customized Parker Pens are the same way, high-end and classy heavy metal pens.

Bic Rotating Message Pens

Getting all of your company's contact and marketing information on to one little pen can be hard at times. With The Executive Advertising's Bic Message Pens, Promotional Message Pensyou can't have to worry about removing your website or advertising phrase from your promotional pens! Customized Window Message Pens will hold up to 6 lines of extra text inside the barrel of the pen and the price includes your logo printed on the outside of the barrel. What an amazing marketing tool! If you are a furniture store or car dealership, you can literally print the directions to your location inside of the rotating messages. Also, use this extra advertising space on your promotional pens to promote key points of your business, like The Executive Advertising has "No Setup Fees", "Free 24 Hour Rush Service", "Buy One Get One Free", etc. The extra space on our Bic Rotating Message Pens is also perfect for companies promoting safety awareness, with phrases like "Always wash your hands", "Keep your work area clean", or "Take your time, safety first!". Just because it's an Advertising Pen, doesn't mean that you can't use it for safety awareness in the workplace.

Logo Pens for Technology

How have pens evolved to accommodate the use of social media, online marketing, and website Promotional Stylus Pens advertising? We now offer promotional pens that are designed for browsing on your smart phone, iPhone or tablet, check out our promotional stylus pens! Just think about it, if you are an online store owner shipping out goods, slip one of our advertising stylus pens printed with your business logo and website our with your orders. Your customers will use the pen on their tablet or iPhone and their website will literally be in their hands while they are browsing online. Genius, pure genius! Want to go a step further? Let's try advertising your business logo on a USB Flash Drive Pen. Everyone is using usb memory flash drives, you can give out customized executive pens with you company logo printed or laser engraved that are also USB Memory Drives. It's handy, helpful and will be used by any small business owner. Check out our Promotional USB flash drives as your next executive pen gift.

Classic Promotional Pens

Are you looking for our cheapest promotional pens? For the best quality versus price we recommend Promotional Stick Pens, the classic Bic Round Stic Pen has is one of our most affordable promotional pens offered. If you are looking for a cheap retractable pen, check out our Promotional Click Pens and sort by price, you'll get all of our customized click pens available more of them on sale or special pricing. We also carry customized jumbo pens, that is pens that are just a little larger than most pens. An alternative to jumbo pens is Promotional Grip Pens, pens with a larger rubber grip for handling and are also affordable. Whatever your advertising pen needs, we have you covered!