Promotional Outdoor & Toys

Outdoor & Toy Promotional Products

Our outdoor and toy promotional products may be our most fun product category! Out outdoor promotional products are great for summertime events like company picnics, athletics, family reunions, and a day at the beach. But not all of our promotional outdoor products are for summer. Many of our promotional toys can be used year round.

Promotional Rubber Ducks

Promotional rubber ducks from The Executive Advertising are a very popular item among our customers. We carry promotional rubber ducks in many different themes including Halloween, Christmas, patriotic, and countless other themes. We even carry promotional rubber ducks that cater to various industries including dentistry, medicine, business, and many other professions. Customized rubber ducks are a great way to separate yourself from the competition since these items are such novel products that are sure to create some attention for your company. Like our other 20,000 products, promotional rubber ducks can be screen printed with your logo or bought blank.

Promotional Sunglasses

Promotional sunglasses are among our bestselling summer sunglasses, although they are really popular all year round. We carry promotional rubber sunglasses, plastic sunglasses, and color changing sunglasses. Our more novel promotional sunglass styles include graduation, Mardi Gras, and Oktoberfest style sunglasses. Some of our custom sunglasses can be personalized for free in two locations with your logo.

Custom Silicone Bracelets

At The Executive Advertising, our promotional silicone bracelets, also called promotional wristbands, are a very popular item especially during the month of October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But promotional bracelets are not just used to advocate for breast cancer awareness. These items are often distributed in schools to promote various causes. Our promotional bracelets come in various colors including camouflage and glow-in-the-dark, making this cost effective promotional item even more impressive to the recipient. We also carry a number of silicone key chains.

Promotional Stress Relievers

Our selection of promotional stress relievers and customized stress balls is incredibly extensive! Simply sort by our thirty types of custom stress relievers which include animals, fitness, food, money, office, patriotic, and many other styles. Hand out our promotional football stress relievers during the fall and our customized baseball stress relievers in the spring. Each stress reliever can be customized with your own company logo, message, or slogan. Customized stress relievers are very popular in the medicine and real estate industries. We also carry promotional stress relievers in keychain form.

Imprinted Flyers & Gliders

Promotional flyers and gliders are some of the most popular spring toys, regardless of age. Customized flyers come in both nylon and plastic, depending on the product. The Executive Advertising has customized flyers available in many different sizes. Promotional gliders are wooden toy planes that are made in the USA and safe to fly both indoors and outdoors. These planes appeal especially to youngsters but can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Promotional Umbrellas

Ready for spring? Promotional umbrellas are a springtime must for many places in the U.S. The Executive Advertising carries customized umbrellas of all sizes, ranging from 36 to 64 inch arcs. Like our other 20,000 products, our promotional umbrellas can be imprinted with your company logo at no additional cost.

Other Outdoor & Toy Promotional Products

The Executive Advertising has plenty of other outdoor & toy promotional products including promotional cooling fans, customized lawn chairs, imprinted binoculars, and personalized noise makers. We also have promotional plastic coolers, imprinted ponchos, customized yo-yos, and cute promotional stuffed animals.

Ready to Order?

The Executive Advertising is ready to work with your company or organization! Regardless of your budget, we will be able to find outdoor promotional products and customized toys that will work best for your event or advertising strategy. Place your order today!