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    Promotional Ice Scrapers

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    Price: $1.21 /ea
    Min: 250 No Setup 28 %OFF
    Item #334613 10-40056
    Price: $0.89 /ea
    Min: 250 No Setup 19 %OFF
    Item #323845 EVN-3060
    Price: $0.72 /ea
    Min: 250 No Setup 27 %OFF
    Item #310253 10-40054
    Price: $0.54 /ea
    Min: 250 No Setup 27 %OFF
    Item #310256 10-40258
    Price: $0.58 /ea
    Min: 250 No Setup 26 %OFF
    Item #310252 10-40052
    Price: $1.02 /ea
    Min: 125 No Setup 27 %OFF
    Item #318482 JET-IS103
    Price: $3.17 /ea
    Min: 50 No Setup 25 %OFF
    Item #324475 JET-IS300
    Price: $1.19 /ea
    Min: 250 No Setup 15 %OFF
    Item #323842 EVN-3070
    Price: $2.39 /ea
    Min: 150 No Setup 18 %OFF
    Item #345889 EVN-3095
    Price: $4.46 /ea
    Min: 25 No Setup 23 %OFF
    Item #318483 JET-IS200
    Price: $0.96 /ea
    Min: 250 No Setup 27 %OFF
    Item #334614 10-40057
    Price: $1.55 /ea
    Min: 150 No Setup 18 %OFF
    Item #323843 EVN-3075
    Price: $1.09 /ea
    Min: 250 No Setup 16 %OFF
    Item #345888 EVN-3080
    Price: $0.92 /ea
    Min: 350 No Setup 31 %OFF
    Item #337057 NOR-10027
    Price: $1.31 /ea
    Min: 250 No Setup 35 %OFF
    Item #342201 BUL-SM-1611
    Price: $1.42 /ea
    Min: 150 No Setup 21 %OFF
    Item #312247 ARL-WTT-BT06
    Price: $2.77 /ea
    Min: 100 No Setup 21 %OFF
    Item #345674 ARL-WTT-WG16
    Price: $1.09 /ea
    Min: 250 No Setup 16 %OFF
    Item #335116 FLD-585
    Price: $4.15 /ea
    Min: 50 No Setup 29 %OFF
    Item #336305 NOR-61940
    Customized Ice Scrapers Serve as Simple and Useful Marketing Tools for Companies
    Custom ice scrapers are an easy way to promote your business. They are a great marketing strategy because promotional scrapers are a necessity during winter. They can spread your logo and create a bliss throughout your company.
    Auto accessories will never go out of fashion because the simple ice scrapers and equipment carried around in vehicles will also come into use sometime or the other. Most drivers face acute problems during the harsh winter months. Snowfall and frost tend to cover the surface of the car making it necessary to be scraped off from a portion of the car to ensure visibility and safety. Promotional auto ice scrapers make this very easy for the drivers and save them a lot from facing bitter cold and strenuous hassles physically. The ice and frost get shoved off very easily and quickly with these light promotional ice scrapers. These are not only easy to distribute, but also become a prominent part of everyday ice scrapers to be used during the winter months.
    Promotional ice scrapers, with no setup fees, come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. These are very affordable and you can save on additional costs by ordering more of the logo items at once. For this you have to determine the magnitude of your target audience and the most likely budget you would like to spend. There are various 24 hour free rush offers on our products and you can browse through our online product catalogs to know more about the offers and promotional ice scrapers. These customized ice scrapers can make a huge impact on people’s lives and they will realize the value of small and simple ice scrapers once they start using them.
    There are many types of promotional ice scrapers you can choose from for your advertising campaign. One of the customized ice scrapers comes in the size of a credit card and make it very easy for a person to store in a wallet or pocket and carry it around all the time. There are colorful and subtle ice scrapers to choose from; it all depends on the kind of audience you are targeting. Logo scrapers come with long or short handles, extendable or non-extendable mechanisms, or with or without viper blades and visor clips. The best time to distribute these promotional ice scrapers is shortly before winter so people can make use of them when the time arises. So don’t waste your time and start ordering our eye-catching customized ice scrapers for smarter advertising.
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