Promotional Electronics

Promotional Electronics

The Executive Advertising is proud to offer innovative, useful, and fun promotional electronics that can all be custom imprinted with your company logo. Unlike our competition, we never charge a $30-50 setup fee for your logo. Depending on the promotional product, you will receive a free 1-color screen, laser engraving, deep etch, or one of our other complimentary imprint methods.

Promotional Power Banks & Car Phone Chargers

Our portable promotional phone chargers, also known as promotional power banks, have become an extremely popular product over recent years, with the advent of smartphones in the tech world. Whether you are using a smartphone or a tablet, you have likely experienced the hassle of having a dead battery while on the go. Wall outlets are not always readily available when you are mobile, whether at a restaurant or bar, concert, or hiking in the woods. But your clients and customers will no longer have to fear the dreaded dead battery icon on their devices when you give them a promotional power bank from The Executive Advertising. These nifty promotional electronics come in all shapes and sizes. We offer traditional custom portable battery power banks which are great to have when you aren’t near an outlet. But we also carry promotional USB car chargers which are perfect for travel. Our promotional USB car chargers typically come with one or two charging ports, depending on the product, which can charge phones, tablets, or any USB powered device.

We also carry a number of promotional AC-to-USB wall charger adapters which an also, of course, be imprinted with your company logo. These items provide a fast and efficient way to charge cell phones and tablets wherever a wall outlet is available. These promotional wall charging adapters are UL certified, meaning that they have overload and short circuit protection.

Custom Holders & Cases

Speaking of promotional cell phone accessories, other popular items include our promotional cell phone holders and cases. These include our customized silicone wallet sleeves which adhere to cell phones and are great for securely holding credit and identification cards, cash, business cards, or room keys. In this same category are promotional cell phone stands which are handy for propping up cell phones on desktops at work or at home.

Promotional USB Memory Drives

Promotional USB flash drives are certainly alive and well in the promotional product industry! We carry personalized memory drives that can be custom imprinted with your company logo, and we have them in a number of sizes ranging from 256MB to 32GB. Many of our promotional flash drives are also key chains, making it easy for your customer to attach your custom imprinted thumb drive to their key chain for easy and portable transport of their documents and media. If you are looking for a multi-use novelty flash drive, we even carry promotional memory drive pens and promotional key flash drives. We carry promotional wooden USB flash drives, custom credit card flash drives, and imprinted light up USB drives.

Promotional Microfiber Cloths

Another technology related promotional product that has become very popular in our industry is promotional microfiber cloths. Like many of our promotional products, these items come in a very wide range of styles, sizes, and uses. Microfiber cloths are handy for phone, tablet, and laptop users to keep their screens clear of dirt, dust, and smudges. Some of our custom imprinted microfiber cloths attach to keychains while others are also tablet carrying pouches. Others are attached to a stylus or a desktop phone stand. Regardless of the type of product, all our promotional microfiber cloths can be imprinted with your company or organization’s logo in a 1-color screen. Need your product in a hurry? Take a look at our free 24-hour rush promotional products!

Imprinted Bluetooth Speakers & Headphones

Need an imprinted promotional item that can play music on the go? The Executive Advertising has got you covered! Our promotional Bluetooth speakers have become a hit! These promotional electronics can be easily paired with any Bluetooth devices. Depending on the particular product, these promotional speakers can often be imprinted with a 1-color screen or laser engraving. Although promotional Bluetooth speakers are more expensive than a pen, for example, but will stick around for many years. Promotional Bluetooth speakers are incredibly useful, unique, and popular. We carry speakers that are cost effective and great for employee appreciation or rewarding customers. This item is especially popular among young people but can be enjoyed by people in any age group, as long as they have a tablet, smartphone, or other Bluetooth device.

Promotional headphones also come in various colors, types, and styles. Promotional earbuds are the most portable type of headphones. But if you are looking for noise canceling devices, we carry larger traditional style headphones including Boompods and other styles that have impressive sound quality while also being able to block out background noise. Yet again, these items can be imprinted with your logo in different locations depending on the type of product.

Other Promotional Electronics

We also offer many other types of promotional electronics products, including promotional CD cases, imprinted computer and desktop items, and custom media players and radios.

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