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What’s Considered a Made in USA Promotional Product?

What makes a product considered made in America is when all parts of the promotional products are made and assembled here in the USA. The raw materials that are used to make the promotional product do not have to be from the USA; however the actual construction of the promotional item has be assembled, created or molded in the United States to be considered a Made In America Promotional Product. Advertising items that are ordered from China and printed here in the US are not considered Made in America promotional products. The actual promo item would have to be built here in order for the product to be considered Made in the USA.

There are a lot of logo printing companies out there that market promotional items that are printed in the US as made in the USA, and that is not the official definition of making a customized product in the USA. This is really important when the United State Government is purchasing products, when choose their bids they prefer for the promotional items or any products to be physically made in America, or they may not select your government bid or contract. Make sure to read the fine print when you are shopping for USA made promotional products.

How to Advertise with USA Made Promotional Products

A lot of advertisers, marketing firms and small businesses make sure to purchase Made in the USA Promotional Products. While buying promotional items made in the USA is a great way to support you’re your country’s local economy, it’s also a great way to create patriotic awareness with marketing with products made in America. So many people go out of their way to buy made in America advertising products, but they forget to “market” that the products are made in the USA. It’s as simple as adding a small American Flag or a small tag line that says “Made in the USA”. Those consumers that appreciate products made in America will notice and remember and promote your company for choosing Made in America Promotional Products.

Don’t forget about the awareness side of USA marketing. Promoting that your company or firm buys USA Made Promotional Items will encourage others to do the same. Spending your company’s hard earned money in promotional products made in your backyard ultimately helps your country’s economy by creating local jobs and using local resources. Try Advertising with USA Made Promotional Products today and support American jobs and small businesses.

What Promotional Items are Made in the USA?

Popular Made in America Promotional Products usually consist of selected promotional cups, customized pencils, textile fabrics like customized tablecloths and table runners, custom MagLite Flashlights, customized matchbooks, and health and personal care products like promotional hand sanitizers. At The Executive Advertising we have over 700 USA Made Promotional Products and we are adding more daily.

The Executive Advertising offers a wide variety of plastic promotional products in the advertising industry like customized key chains or plastic ice scrapers for example. These items are made completely of hard plastic that is molded here in the United States. Some of these products include customized pill cases, promotional bag clips, promo letter openers and customized ice scrapers. To view our side selection of Made in the USA Promotional Products hit “Shop now” and begin filtering your promo product results. All products in this section are completely made in the US. We do offer other promotional products that are partially made in the United States, certain Customized Bic Pens are a great example of that. Our Promotional Bic Pen’s ink cartridges are made in Mexico, while all of the plastic barrels and plastic pen trim parts are made in the USA.