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Earth-Friendly Promotional Items

Come to The Executive Advertising for all your Eco Friendly Promotional Product needs! What are EcoFriendly Promotional Products? We define eco-friendly promotional items as any product that is made with a material that is considered "good" of acceptible for the environment. Eco Friendly cusotm products also includes items like promotional products made with recycled material like recycled paper, or promotional items that are biodegradable.

When it comes to Recycled promotional products, there are different levels of recycled material. For example our Customized Bic Magnets are made of 12% Pre-Consumer material, while our Customized Bic Sticky Note pads are made of 30% Post-Consumer material. Pre-Consumer ecofriendly products ususally means that the material was recycled at the factory level. Post-Consumer promotioinal products means that the recycled material and items reached the consumer, and then were collect, reorganized and then made into the EcoFriendly promotional item that you received.

Biodegradable promotional items are a bit different, they usually have a shorter shelf like than normal promotional products. A good example is our Biodegrable Plastic Bags, you want to be careful in ordering too many at one time becauce they only have a 3 year shelf life. In the clase of plastics, like our promotional biodegradable water bottles, they are have to be treaded correctly in a landfill before the plastic starts to break down and disolve, which is usually a 5 year cycle. It's important to review the promotional products specifics because it is different for each Biodegradable advertising item.

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