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Promotional Bottled Water

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Price: $.41 to $.96 /ea
Min: No Setup
Item # 323329
Price: $.39 to $.95 /ea
Min: No Setup
Item # 323334
Price: $.46 to $.97 /ea
Min: No Setup
Item # 323330
Price: $.59 to $1.05 /ea
Min: No Setup
Item # 323333
Price: $.49 to $.98 /ea
Min: No Setup
Item # 323331
Price: $.83 to $1.30 /ea
Min: No Setup
Item # 323332
Price: $1.76 /ea
Min: 240 No Setup 31 %OFF
Item #336896 NOR-40330
  12 oz Custom Label Water Bottle 16.9 oz Custom Label Water Bottle 20 oz Custom Label Water Bottle 16.9 oz Cylinder Custom Label Water Bottle
8 oz Custom Label Water Bottle 10 oz Custom Label Water Bottle
Custom Label Water Bottles Full Color Labels with No Setup Fee!
Bottle Quantities: 240 480 720 1,200 2,400 4,800 9,600 12,000 20,000+
8oz Water Bottle $.95 $.89 $.79 $.72 $.65 $.59 $.52 $.47 $.39
10oz Water Bottle $.96 $.90 $.80 $.73 $.66 $.55 $.53 $.48 $.41
12oz Water Bottle $.97 $.92 $.82 $.75 $.65 $.57 $.54 $.51 $.46
16.9oz Water Bottle $.98 $.96 $.84 $.78 $.71 $.62 $.58 $.55 $.49
16.9oz Cylinder Bottle $1.30 $1.20 $1.19 $1.12 $1.05 $.93 $.89 $.85 $.83
20oz Water Bottle $1.05 $.99 $.95 $.91 $.84 $.75 $.68 $.63 $.59
Price Includes a 4-Color Process Label
All Plastic Bottles are 100% Recyclable Plastic.
Custom Label Bottle Water
We offer custom label bottled water printed with your company slogan, charitable cause or advertisement. Custom label bottled water is advertising on a bottle, perfect for marketing in Full Color Digital Printing included in the price! Custom label bottled water is ideal for trade-shows, business branding, social events, associations and entertainment. Many of our customers are nationally known companies using custom label bottled water for promotions, trade shows, and grand openings. Other customers buy custom label bottled water for their local car dealerships, banks, churches, schools, and businesses.

Who Advertises with Custom Bottle Labels?
Businesses use customized bottled water to advertise their products and services. A common use of custom label bottled water is seen at sporting events, fund raisers and political events. Our custom label bottled water is regularly found at corporate outings, golf tournaments and company picnics. Also, social gatherings are a great place to find custom label bottled water. Our custom label bottled water is relied upon by schools, churches and charities. Custom label bottled water is used to promote banks, car dealerships and car rental agencies. Enjoy custom label bottle water and other creative marketing today!

Custom Labels Are Printed In Full Color
Our customized labels are printed in full color digital printing on the labels that wrap around the water bottles. We do offer templates and artwork creation help with your order. If you need us to make your business logo and slogan look good, just let us know... it's included in the price! You can also view some of our customer's bottle water label artwork examples below. You can also contact us for an artwork label template if you are designing your own label.
  Shipping Pallet Sizes:
Bottle Size Bottles/Pallets Ships From Ship/Pallet
8oz Bottles 2,880 CA, FL, NY, MI $180
10oz Bottles 2,880 KS (IL, TX, GA, MN in Pallets Only) $180
12oz Bottles 2,016 CA, FL, NY, MI, CT, KS $180
16.9oz Bottles 1,728 CA, FL, NY, MI, CT, KS, AZ $180
16.9oz Cylinders 1,440 NY, MI, (CA in Pallets Only) $180
20oz Bottles 1,440 CA, FL, NY, MI, CT, KS $180

Once you purchase 1-Pallet of custom label bottles we have negotiated special freight rates delivering straight to your door in 48 states.

All Custom Label Water Bottles under 1-Pallet in size are shipped FedEx or UPS Ground Service. We recommend that you Request a Quote so we can ensure that your shipping is completely accurate. Feel free to checkout online, but if you call we may be able to save you some money on your shipping.

Reverse Label Options
Only on our 16.9oz Cylinder Water Bottle do we offer clear printed labels with an inside reverse printing as shown above with the The Raphad Hotel printed label. To take advantage of this service your cost is just $.05 for each bottle. Reverse label printing allows for you to be creative in your business marketing. Order this option by phone.

Custom Labels Printed Examples
Custom Bottled Water
Water Bottle Labels
Labels For Water Bottles
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Printing Nutritional Information
Nutritional information does not have to be printed on 95% of our water bottles. If would like the nutritional information printed just let us know, otherwise you can use the extra space to market your business. Remember our purified water is done the reverse osmosis and it 100% pure delicious drinking water.

Grab Your Customer’s Attention with Our Promotional Bottled Water
Promotional bottled water is distributed during media events, parties, and in a corporate get-togethers frequently. Companies prefer to use our personalized water bottles for promotion of their corporate name and brand image. Corporate events funded by companies often include customized label bottled water as a sure way of uplifting customer’s attention. Custom water bottles and labels are an excellent promotional product for summertime events, company outings, fitness promotions, and for cure walks.
Our promotional water bottles come in capacities of 8, 10, 12, 16.9, and 20 oz. respectively. There is an exclusive range of various sizes and shapes, starting from square, normal to even cylindrical. Our logoed water bottles are transparent with customized labels suitable for the promotion of your company. Our cylinder custom water bottle comes with a reversible logo, which means that the logo can be seen from both sides. Customized water bottles are great and gives dual chances of promoting your brand image.
Our custom bottle labels are available with full color digital printing. These are included in the purchase cost of the promo water bottle and there is no set up fee charged. Our promotional bottled water can be used for distributing in charitable causes and activities that form corporate social responsibility for companies. No doubt, branded water bottles are also an effective way of advertising a good image among customers. If your brand name appears in charitable events, it surely improves your strength in the mind of your customers.
To further strengthen your company’s image, use our advertising water bottle labels which are suitable for the advertisement of your brand. We customize our advertising bottled water and make it suitable for distribution in social, cultural, public events, tradeshows, and promotional events. Promotional water bottles have reasonable shipping rates available; our custom freight shipping is fast and reliable. We make the finest custom labels and water bottles for companies like you. If you want us to help in logo creation or are not satisfied with your current logo, we can help in improving it with no additional charges.
Use our exclusive and unique range of promotional bottled water and leave an unforgettable impression on your customers. Call today for freight free shipping and get ready to rock your customers in the upcoming media event of your company.
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