Compressed T-Shirts FAQ's

Promotional Compressed T-Shirt FAQ's
Make your next t-shirt promotion a guitar, star, hammer, bowling it! Choose from over 300 stock Compressed T-Shirts shapes and over 1,000 ideas from our idea library. Simply Smashing also offers over 100 cool Compressed T-Shirts packaging options from boxes to wraps!
How do you do it?
We have engineered special machines that basically vacuum pack the shirt into solid shapes (NASA technology). All air and moisture is removed leaving a cotton brick in your selected shape. The t-shirt will not spring apart when opened but will remain solid until water is added.
Do the wrinkles come out?
Yes. Wash once or twice as you would with other printed garments, preferably inside out. If you choose to iron, do not iron over design.
What type of fabric can you compress?
Anything made of 100% cotton such as t-shirts, beach and sport towels, boxer shorts and socks etc. The fibers are strong and have the memory to bounce back after washing. Garments made with blends such as 50/50 cotton/polyester have a difficult time with the rigors of compression packaging.
Can I have a design on both front & back of my T-shirt?
We can imprint any location on the t-shirt including both sleeves but it can get costly. For the best pricing and promotional impact we recommend a front left chest and a full back.
Can you use any kind of ink?
For best results we use standard plastisol inks. Water based, puffs and glitters are fine but need to be tested first, as should all other inks.
Can you compress embroidered garments?
Does the ink smear or crack?
No, our special folds and preparation of the properly cured printed T-shirts prevents damage to inks.
Can I provide my own printed T-shirts?
Yes. We are happy to package customer provided T-shirts. However, we have no control over your screen printing, ink type, quality, drying, short shipments or soiling. Therefore, we do not guarantee the finished product for ink related problems, mill flaws or shortages.
Can I provide my own insert cards?
Sure, but again we cannot guarantee quality of your customer provided materials.
Will you make a mock-up so I can sell management on the concept?
No problem! Our creative services staff can create a spec sample to help your client visualize the concept.
Do you have a minimum order?
No, the price list starts at 144 but we will quote any down to 72 units quantity. There will be some set-up fees associated with these small quantities.
What is the Turn around Time?
Since everything is done in-house we offer the fastest turn-a-round in the industry. When we receive the final approval for all artwork, your full service order can ship in as little as 2 weeks. Packaging only jobs can ship in 5 working days or less.
I want a custom shape to match my product. Can you do it and what will it cost?
We love challenges and have an in-house machine shop waiting to meet your needs. A custom shape can be produced in 2 to 3 weeks and the price will depend upon quantity of your order and complexity of the shape. Ask your distributor for a quote.
Can T-Shirt Postcards be Bulk Mailed?
Yes. You can Bulk Mail them if you are sending over 200 pieces. Ask your distributor about our mailing fulfillment services.
What does a T-shirt postcard cost to mail?
Postage is always based on weight. Our stock 6 ounce XL t-shirt, printed and packaged with two insert cards weighs about 7 ounces and costs about $2.35 to mail first class.
Will you drop ship my orders to my customers?
We can drop ship your order anywhere in the world that receives packages.
I want to include a phone card in my package; can you place it in with the t-shirt?
We can on-pack just about anything to the t-shirt (stickers, CD-ROM disks, video boxes, coupons, coasters, money, brochures etc.) as long, as it is relatively flat and fits the dimensions of the selected shape.
Can you package XXXL T-shirts?
Yes. We can compact even the largest sizes into most of our 300 shapes.
Can you package long sleeve T-shirts?
You bet! But an additional handling charge is required (folding those long sleeves).
Can I order a specific brand or color of T-shirt?
Yes. You may choose from most brands or colors. Prices will vary from manufacturer to screen printing costs but feel free to call for quotes.
How many colors can you screen print?
We can handle all your screen-printing needs up to 12 spot colors per location. We specialize in 4-color process screen printing and printing on colored garments.
I don’t have any artwork; can you design something for me?
Simply smashing evolved from an award winning graphic design studio specializing in package design. We encourage our distributors to call us when they need fresh ideas for their clients or need us to act as their Art department.
What programs and formats do you support?
Please refer to the Art Department area for all art related specifications.
I can create my own artwork, I know the shape I want my T-shirt packaged into. How do I get the Template so I can layout my graphics to the proper size & bleed?
You can download directly from the Shape Template area or ask your distributor for a hard copy.
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